Jochen Leuschner on Peter Hofmann

Foreword to Peter Hofmann Tales of a Singer’s Adventures

by Jochen Leuschner

Peter Jochen LeuschnerMy first encounter with Peter Hofmann was at the end of the 60s on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Peter’s parents’ house in Aschaffenburg (Northern Bavaria/Germany), where his mother served us coffee and homemade cake.

I came to know and to experience Peter’s passion for classical music, his goal to study singing, and his desire to make a career as a singer.  At this time, he was serving the last year of his military obligation; he was not even thirty years old and full of élan and passion for what was to come after his discharge.

From the first meeting I liked him; his grand humor and his obvious talent as a raconteur were already very much in evidence.   I remember well that first afternoon that we all laughed and enjoyed ourselves enormously.

Peter’s dream was soon to come true!  By the middle of the 70s he became the celebrated new star of the Bayreuth Festival. The public and all the media loved the new tenor with the looks of a high-performance athlete.

A few years later, when we presented our idea of Rock Classics, we were surrounded by skeptics who believed that our idea that an opera singer could also set foot in the world of pop music did not have the slightest chance of success. But luckily all of them were wrong and right from the beginning of Peter`s career as a crossover tenor took off fast and and his success story became one of the most unsusual music phenomenena in the history of Germany`s music world.

Jochen Leuschner has worked for CBS Records/Sony Music Entertainment from 1974 – 2001. First as head of A&R and later from 1984 to 2001 as the German company`s president. He knew Peter`s family due to his close friendship to brother Fritz Hofmann. For a number of years in the 60s Fritz and Jochen were local rock heroes in the Aschaffenburg region.

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2 thoughts on “Jochen Leuschner on Peter Hofmann

  1. I had the great pleasure of working with Fritz and Peter on all but one of Peter’s european tours as the drummer. I also had the opportunity to meet and work with Jochen Leuschner whom i found to be honest, hard working and a distinct joy to know. Peter and Fritz’s love of music was intoxicating, a breath of fresh air in the this business of music. I am a better man for knowing and working with these gentlemen. Peter, God bless you wherever you are. I miss you and I love you………….always have, always will. Your friend……..JP

  2. What a great and sensitive comment Dear Jeff. I will never forget the good old days and the fun we all had together on the road. Not only on Tour we had a fantastic time but also during our private trips wherever on this planet. Thank you so much my friend !

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