Franz Beckenbauer Pays Tribute to Peter Hofmann


Renowned German soccer star known as the Kaiser for his mastery of the sport, Franz Beckenbauer was one of Peter Hofmann’s close friends.  In his recent book, Fritz Hofmann recalls meeting Beckenbauer often in New York, as well as in Germany:

“At our hotel (in NYC) we often ran into Franz Beckenbauer, the World Cup soccer player and coach, who was at the time playing with the Cosmos in New York and also staying at the Navarro.  Since their first meeting years ago they had developed a good relationship, because Peter greatly admired Franz’ s accomplishments and liked him very much as a friend.  They often talked about golf, a “bug” with which they both were completely obsessed.  At the Addidas Golf Cup in Herzogenaurach in Bavaria, they had played together on one team, and Peter always received an invitation to the Franz Beckenbauer Golf Cup.  In exchange my brother invited him to his own Peter Hofmann Golf Cup.”

Beckenbauer still remembers Peter Hofmann warmly today and writes:  “Peter was one of the greatest tenors of all time on a par with Domingo and Pavarotti, and I heard all three of them often in New York at the MET.  Peter and I always kept in contact as friends, and I also visited him years later in Hamburg when he was starring in Phantom of the Opera with Anna Maria Kaufmann.  I always greatly admired his work, but above all I admired him as a person.” See TRIBUTES.