Remembering the “Love Me Tender Tour”

Peter Hofmann: A Homecoming of a Special Kind : Der Neue Tag presents the star in Weiden to an enthusiastic crowd

gitarre popInge Roegner Der Neue Tag, Weiden, April 1993: 
Peter Hofmann as Siegmund in Bayreuth 1976. 1991 as Phantom of the Opera in Hamburg and now on Friday, April 2 in the Weiden Mehrzweckhalle as a leading rock star. Such a far-reaching career arc! And for some fans of classical opera the path of the world famous tenor may be hard to comprehend. Nevertheless,in the virtually sold out house the enthusiastic Western rider, who has occupied many a different saddle, has proved his point. The star and darling of the ladies (the audience was primarily female) ensured, together with a super band and dazzling technical effects, acoustic, and lighting, a fabulous visual and acoustic experience, presented by Der Neue Tag. Read More in PRESS.


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