Excerpts from Marieluise Müller’s Book

Author Marieluise Müller, who published her book of conversations with Peter Hofmann entitled Singen Ist Wie Fliegen in 1983 (Keil Verlag, Bonn), has graciously consented to allowing this web site to publish excerpts in English. The first of these chapters appears this month.


Fritz (age 4) and Peter  (age 8) Hofmann

Fritz (age 4) and Peter (age 8) Hofmann

. . .on the 22nd August, 1944. War – flight – the family settled in Darmstadt. This traditional-rich, artistic city in Hessen became the home of Peter Hofmann, whose father had come from Berlin and whose mother hailed from Bohemia – he a businessman, she a budding young actress in the family theatrical troupe. Hofmann’s paternal grandfather was a big city perfume manufacturer. The Bohemian grandfather was a principal actor in his own company.

Peter Hofmann’s father had grown up, educated by private tutors, in an eminent city household. Possessed of a lovely bass voice and the desire to become a conductor, Max Peter Hofmann, instead, became a businessman. However, already the young man took after his own father, Peter’s grandfather, who was an enthusiastic Wagnerite, going annually to the Bayreuth Festival, and within no time at all Herr Hofmann, sr. became a devoted opera lover. Peter’s mother, Inge, performed on the stages of inns and schools in Bohemia, where the family acted in The Rape of the Sabines, many folkloric plays, several classics, and a repertory of operetta.