Honoring Peter Hofmann’s 70th Birthday

File_028Peter Hofmann would have been 70 years old on August 22, 2014.  It is hard to believe almost a quarter of a century has passed since my husband and I last saw Peter on stage in Hamburg. In the decade before we had the thrill of hearing and seeing him in New York, Washington D.C., and Bayreuth and of talking with him numerous times while working on my Heldentenor book.  These are artistic – and personal – memories I shall always cherish. I am forever grateful, too, for the recordings and the videos, and to Fritz for all his unstinting efforts to to keep alive the legacy of his art.


New Excerpt from Singen Ist Wie Fliegen

Marieluise Müller has graciously shared another excerpt from her book, Singen Ist Wie Fliegen, which we have translated into English for your enjoyment:


Why do I sing? Perhaps, if I didn’t I would have been a criminal. Whatever the reason, onstage I get to experience extraordinary human behaviors, that in real life would inevitably lead to prison. To permit oneself to experience “legitimately” some extreme situations –incest, murder, for example – to be able to absolve oneself by role-playing alone in your living room – What is the charm of that? But if one gets to perform in public, that becomes a transforming experience. Acting as therapy! How many have been helped by this game? Doesn’t all life and perhaps eighty-five percent of all theatre exist for secondary purposes? Can one train for this? How can one react? READ MORE IN BOOKS