New Excerpt from Singen Ist Wie Fliegen

Marieluise Müller has graciously shared another excerpt from her book, Singen Ist Wie Fliegen, which we have translated into English for your enjoyment:


Why do I sing? Perhaps, if I didn’t I would have been a criminal. Whatever the reason, onstage I get to experience extraordinary human behaviors, that in real life would inevitably lead to prison. To permit oneself to experience “legitimately” some extreme situations –incest, murder, for example – to be able to absolve oneself by role-playing alone in your living room – What is the charm of that? But if one gets to perform in public, that becomes a transforming experience. Acting as therapy! How many have been helped by this game? Doesn’t all life and perhaps eighty-five percent of all theatre exist for secondary purposes? Can one train for this? How can one react? READ MORE IN BOOKS


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