New Excerpt from Marieluise Müller’s Book

Fritz Hofmann shares another chapter from Singen Ist Wie Fliegen – this one about his own role as Peter’s manager:


office SchönreuthMany a time a fan gets prematurely excited: the friendly voice he hears on the answering machine is not the singer, himself. It is Fritz Hofmann, the tenor’s manager. The similarity of names does not deceive; Fritz is the tenor’s brother, and he has taped the message. (Interestingly enough, the housekeeper is named Frau Wagner, but here there is no relation.) People are sometimes confused by the gay merry-go-round of mistaken identities in the Hofmann clan: Fritz mistaken for Peter; the sons are sometimes mistaken for each other, or occasionally for the tenor, who, in turn, is sometimes mistaken for his manager.

Fritz shares with his brother the majestic Schloss residence, the love of sports and rock music (he is a musician who plays percussion), and he, too, finds opera convincing only when it offers both vocal and scenic enjoyment.




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