Remembering Peter Hofmann on His 73rd Birthday


On August 22, 2017, Peter Hofmann would have celebrated his 73rd birthday.  The great tenor remains sorely missed by all who loved and admired him – his fans and his family, especially his brother Fritz with whom he shared so many adventures in his career.  After serving as his brother’s manager and confidant for virtually all of Peter’s career, Fritz Hofmann continues to devote  his energies to preserving his brother’s legacy and loves to share photos from his private collection such as this one of Peter Hofmann filming in South Africa.

August is the month of the Bayreuth Festival, a place where Peter Hofmann celebrated many of his operatic triumphs.  As this year’s Parsifal unfolds, let us all remember Peter’s Parsifals on the Green Hill and in so many theaters worldwide, among them at Salzburg Easter Festival with Herbert von Karajan and at the Met with James Levine – fortunately preserved on disc and video.

Immer in unseren Gedanken, lieber Peter! Ever in our thoughts, dear Peter!


4 thoughts on “Remembering Peter Hofmann on His 73rd Birthday

  1. Peter will and has been one of the greatest Opera singers of all times and he even proved that he is great in the Rock /Pop genre. So versatile and such a great personality, just a wonderful human being. Still missed by many!

  2. Unvergesslicher Peter Homann. unvergesslicher Siegmund , unvergessliche Lohengrin …
    Und sein tragisches Lebenende schnürrt mir noch heute das Herz .
    Möge er nun ” in Glanz und Wonne ” sein Leben weiter führen !
    Beatrice , aus Frankreich ( 76 jahre alt )

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