Birthplace – Peter Hofmann – Marienbad

Fritz Hofmann writes about the realization of his dream: to create a memory plaque on Peter Hofmann’s birthplace:

For quite some time already, I have had the idea of creating a memory plaque on the house where my brother was born. The implementation and realization of this idea was more difficult than I had imagined. The house, which stands in the middle of Marienbad in the Goethe Platz, is today the Hotel Belvedere ( )and is considered one of the most beautiful houses in Marienbad. On March 16 using the framework of a little opening ceremony, we were finally able to place the brass memory plaque on the entrance to the house.

We were welcomed most cordially and toasted with a glass of champagne. My heartfelt thanks to those who made this lovely project possible and my very special thank you to Mr. Torsten Schlegel for his unwavering commitment.   For further information go to








Only a few steps away from Peters birthplace you will find the beautiful museum of the city built in 1818. The famous German writer and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived here during his several visits. Today the museum mounts many exhibitions, and in one of many beautiful historic rooms you will find Peters portrait under the picture of composer Richard Wagner, who visited and admired Marienbad very much.
Everybody who may have the chance to make a trip to Marienbad will understand why not only the famous and rich people in this time came to visit this wonderful romantic city.
The Museum ist definitely a must to see:
Thanks to Mr. Jaromir Bartos, the director of the museum for his support.



6 thoughts on “Birthplace – Peter Hofmann – Marienbad

  1. Maybe I would have the pleasure of greeting Peter’s birthplace in Marienbad, as I had planned a short trip to the Czech Republic at the end of July, including a stop in Bayreuth for the festival.

  2. Thank you so much for this article and all the effort you put in to make sure Peter will not be forgotten. Marienbad looks a beautiful place.

  3. I am so happy about my successful visit to Marienbad in memory of my brother and our beloved mother Inge.
    They will be deep in my heart and forever. 💖💖

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