Fritz Hofmann Publishes Ebook Edition

cover-alaria-phExciting news for those who read German!! Fritz Hofmann’s hardcover memoir of his brother Peter, is now available as an ebook/Kindle edition on –  Click this link  to order  or contact the publisher directly.  For details on the new ebook, visit this page or click this link.

Fritz Hofmann describes in colorful anecdotes in an amusing manner the adventures the two brothers shared on their many travels together.




Commemorating Peter Hofmann’s 71st Birthday

Peter Hofmann would have been 71 on August 22, 2015. Remembering his brother and the great singer, Fritz Hofmann shares another chapter from Marieluise Müller’s book Singen ist wie fliegen. The author traces the explosion of press fascination with Hofmann from the beginning of the 1980s. READ MORE here.

Fritz Hofmann Shares Another Chapter

Fritz Hofmann shares another chapter from his book, Peter Hofmann Tales of a Singer’s Adventures – this one about the making of the film about the life of Wagner starring Richard Burton in which  Peter Hofmann played the role of Ludwig Schnorr von Carolsfeld, the first Tristan.  And Fritz Hofmann, unexpectedly got to make his screen debut as the butler!

Richard Wagner – The Film

Fritz and Peter Hofmann in Wagner film

Fritz and Peter Hofmann in Wagner film

After my return from France, where I had been working at the opera and concert artists’ agency, in the Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré in the heart of Paris, in 1980 I took up, at my brother’s request, the exclusive management of Peter’s career. I returned to Germany and was now working for my brother from Bayreuth. Just after I had begun my “term of office,” an interesting film offer crossed my desk.

The life of Richard Wagner was to be made into a film for which the production company had already engaged some international actors. Richard Burton was to play Richard Wagner; Wagner’s wife Cosima was to be portrayed by Vanessa Redgrave; Sir Laurence Olivier was undertaking the role of one of Ludwig II’s ministers, and the movie was to be shot in over two hundred European locations. In 1984 not long after the completion of the film in 1983, Richard Burton died. He reminded us, in this his last great role, what a magnificent actor he was. The Englishman Tony Palmer directed; he had already made countless films with classical and pop music legends – for example, he produced the Beatles’ All You Need Is Love.

New Excerpt from Marieluise Müller’s Book

Fritz Hofmann shares another chapter from Singen Ist Wie Fliegen – this one about his own role as Peter’s manager:


office SchönreuthMany a time a fan gets prematurely excited: the friendly voice he hears on the answering machine is not the singer, himself. It is Fritz Hofmann, the tenor’s manager. The similarity of names does not deceive; Fritz is the tenor’s brother, and he has taped the message. (Interestingly enough, the housekeeper is named Frau Wagner, but here there is no relation.) People are sometimes confused by the gay merry-go-round of mistaken identities in the Hofmann clan: Fritz mistaken for Peter; the sons are sometimes mistaken for each other, or occasionally for the tenor, who, in turn, is sometimes mistaken for his manager.

Fritz shares with his brother the majestic Schloss residence, the love of sports and rock music (he is a musician who plays percussion), and he, too, finds opera convincing only when it offers both vocal and scenic enjoyment.



New Fritz Hofmann Story: Peter Hofmann at Capitol Studios in LA

Capitol Studios LA Fritz Hofmann adds a new story to the site about his and Peter’s experiences recording at the famed Capitol Studios in Los Angeles:


At the beginning of 1991, Peter’s CD Love Me Tender was recorded in Los Angeles. It was comprised exclusively of Elvis songs. Together with Sony Music Director Jochen Leuschner we decided not to produce this record in chilly Germany, but rather in the warm California sun of LA. Of course, our decision not only had to do with the pleasant environment of the Los Angeles metropolitan area on America’s West coast, but an even more important reason was that the resident studio musicians there were extraordinary. Peter was quickly won over about the state-of-the art conditions, which are absolutely essential for this kind of top production. Read More in BOOKS. (#8)

New Book Excerpt by Fritz Hofmann

Mick Jagger and Peter Hofmann in NYC

Mick Jagger and Peter Hofmann in NYC

Fritz Hofmann recounts his and his brother’s adventures in New York City in the 1980s in this newly added excerpt from his book, Peter Hofmann, Tales of a Singer’s Adventures.  The story includes the Hofmanns’ meeting David Rockefeller, Leonard Bernstein, and Mick Jagger.  Click here to read more (#7). Also check out new gallery photos ( Click here) and a video of Peter’s singing Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Click here), as well as new press excerpts. (Click here).

Exclusive Excerpts from Fritz Hofmann’s Book on Peter Hofmann

Fritz+Peter Hofmann

London- Der Freischütz

 I had just come back from the lovely English harbor town of Ramsgate in West County Kent, where I had undertaken an English language course for several months, and before I was to begin my employment with an artist agency in Paris, Peter invited me to come to London with him for several weeks.  He had been engaged to sing the role of Max in Der Freischütz there at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. Read More in PETER HOFMANN TALES OF A  SINGER’S ADVENTURES. (#1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6)

Jochen Leuschner on Peter Hofmann

Foreword to Peter Hofmann Tales of a Singer’s Adventures

by Jochen Leuschner

Peter Jochen LeuschnerMy first encounter with Peter Hofmann was at the end of the 60s on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Peter’s parents’ house in Aschaffenburg (Northern Bavaria/Germany), where his mother served us coffee and homemade cake.

I came to know and to experience Peter’s passion for classical music, his goal to study singing, and his desire to make a career as a singer.  At this time, he was serving the last year of his military obligation; he was not even thirty years old and full of élan and passion for what was to come after his discharge.

From the first meeting I liked him; his grand humor and his obvious talent as a raconteur were already very much in evidence.   I remember well that first afternoon that we all laughed and enjoyed ourselves enormously.

Peter’s dream was soon to come true!  By the middle of the 70s he became the celebrated new star of the Bayreuth Festival. The public and all the media loved the new tenor with the looks of a high-performance athlete.

A few years later, when we presented our idea of Rock Classics, we were surrounded by skeptics who believed that our idea that an opera singer could also set foot in the world of pop music did not have the slightest chance of success. But luckily all of them were wrong and right from the beginning of Peter`s career as a crossover tenor took off fast and and his success story became one of the most unsusual music phenomenena in the history of Germany`s music world.

Jochen Leuschner has worked for CBS Records/Sony Music Entertainment from 1974 – 2001. First as head of A&R and later from 1984 to 2001 as the German company`s president. He knew Peter`s family due to his close friendship to brother Fritz Hofmann. For a number of years in the 60s Fritz and Jochen were local rock heroes in the Aschaffenburg region.

Read More in BOOKS. (#1)