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Peter Hofmann: Tales of a Singer’s Adventures

The idea for this book came from Peter Hofmann himself.  He always spoke about writing a book about some of the amusing stories and experiences he had had.  Because he,himself, never was able to do it, his brother Fritz Hofmann decided to write about the more than twenty years that he served Peter Hofmann as his manager and accompanied him on the peak experiences of his life. The hardcover book appeared in 2012, and now the Ebook is available.

Fritz Hofmann describes in colorful anecdotes in an amusing manner what the two Brothers shared on their many travels. The author discusses the near misses and the exciting encounters and humorous experiences with celebrities like Maestro Herbert von Karajan, Vicco von Bülow alias Loriot, Sony founder Akio Morita, Franz Beckenbauer, Mick Jagger,  Maestro Leonard Bernstein, Wolfgang Wagner und and many others such as Richard Burton whom he got to know during the filming of the Wagner movie. Of course, Bayreuth’s green Hill plays a prominent role in the book.  With Peter Hofmann’s Phantom of the Opera in Hamburg and his Rock Classics recordings and tours, Peter Hofmann made a huge name for himself in addition to his singing on the opera stages of the world.

For many years the singer lived in Germany’s Oberpfalz where during Bayreuth Festival time many well-known people visited Hofmann’s little hunting lodge near Kemnath. Today in the Kenneth City Libraryone can visit a touching tribute, the Peter Hofmann Room, where many details about his life and career are preserved on display.

Peter Hofmann was not only an extraordinary singer with a charismatic stage presence and a glorious voice, but also a unique man with a warm and generous personality.

For further information see Peter Hofmann’s website http://www.peterhofmannstartenor.wordpress.com/

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