This page features video clips of Peter Hofmann.

Peter Hofmann as Siegmund in Chéreau Centennial Ring, Finale Act I, Die Walküre

Peter Hofmann sings the Grail Narration from Lohengrin at the Metropolitan Opera

Peter Hofmann as Tristan, Act II with Hidlegard Behrens & Leonard Bernstein

Peter Hofmann on Rock Classics Tour 1986, Vienna

Peter Hofmann sings The Gambler from Country Roads, 1994

Peter Hofmann sings Bridge Over Troubled Water 

Peter Hofmann sings Blue Eyes, 1996

Peter Hofmann as Don José

Peter Hofmann and Anna Maria Kaufmann sing Das Phantom der Opera

Peter Hofmann: The Photographer and the Opera Singer, a visit with famed photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt (courtesy David Hoffmann)

Peter Hofmann Sings “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”


One thought on “Videos

  1. Wagner would have cried for happiness – THIS IS SIEGMUND – the Siegmund that Wagner would have loved – the true hero – young and strong – look at his eyes – the body language – HE IS Siegmund. No one ever will come that close to the true hero Siegmund. Only a God as Wotan can beat him – by cheating! He would have conquered the whole world. The voice is something out of this world. Only Lauritz Melchior sings as Peter.

    Then we see Lohengrin. This is the hero who saves ladies in need – he is calm – fears nothing – in his face you see the Grail – he knows God is with him. Noone can beat him. He is invincible. He is Lohengrin.

    Tristan – again – Wagner would have loved Peter as Tristan, and as Parsifal as well. I do not have more comments to this – to see Peter Hofmann and hear him brings tears to my eyes. He was great. I miss him. I miss his voice – I am happy ro have him on LP, CD and DVD – I listen to that voice – and I love it – there was no one like Peter Hofmann and there never will be…………

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